The 5th Element NI team enjoyed a highly inspirational team night out recently at Queen’s Film Theatre. On 8th October as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, the QFT were showing ‘A Northern Soul’, a documentary following Steve Arnott as he struggles to balance the pressures of working life, debt and his dreams of getting mobile music workshop The Beats Bus off the ground.

Set in Hull against the backdrop of UK City of Culture in 2017, director Sean McAllister (A Syrian Love Story) returns to the city to act as curator for the festival’s opening ceremony where he meets Steve.

Over the course of the film, the positive impact Steve and his efforts have on young people, in terms of confidence, attitudes and behaviour is plain to see. Without giving too much away, viewers can expect to experience a range of emotions throughout, on what is a very emphatic capturing of working-class life.

Steve’s passion to inject positivity in his community and to improve the lives of the young people through hip-hop culture is exactly the type of thing we as 5th Element NI are trying to deliver in Belfast and beyond. Seeing Steve overcome all kinds of adversity was truly motivating for us and seeing the impact these kind of projects can deliver was very encouraging and more than justifies our existence and goals.

After the credits rolled, both Steve & Sean were on hand for an informative Q&A session and even better, our team got the chance to catch up with Steve and have a chat, share our plans with him and talk about Belfast’s hip-hop scene.

We all definitely walked away feeling like we had made a new friend, and an important role model for what we are trying to achieve. Hopefully, this will not be the last we see of Steve in Belfast.