A fundraiser for Richie 'Mouse' Browne, Supernaturalz Crew, Canada.Rest in power.

The 5th Element team have come together to produce a very special project. This project celebrates life, promotes compassion and helps spread love and respect in the HipHop community. 5th Element NI recently partnered with Karl ‘Dyzee’ Olivier (Supernaturalz Crew, Canada) to run a fundraiser in memory of his late crew member, Richie ‘Mouse’ Browne, who sadly passed away during 2020.

All funds raised are donated to his daughter’s education.

Northern Soles Crew (5th Element’s resident bboy crew) have long been fans of Supernaturalz Crew from Toronto, and recognise their influence on the Breakin’ culture across the world. To show respect we ran a tribute fundraiser for Richie ‘Mouse’ Browne, but also to celebrate and support Dyzee in his efforts to independently launch and promote the first ever Bboy sneaker line, Dyzee Threadz, a brand born within our culture. Covid restricted our numbers but we still managed to produce something unique, exciting and positive for the culture further afield.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms to keep up to date with all things 5th Element NI. We look forward to once again operating at full capacity when restrictions have lifted.