The Unity Project


Inspiring our communities with HipHop arts.

Last year saw 5th Element NI achieve a huge milestone for the charity when we were awarded our first major funding, giving us a boost and enabling us to carry out a visionary project focused around cultural identity and the benefits of using HipHop arts to uplift and inspire our people.

This award, known as T:BUC (Together Building a United Community/Central Good Relations Funding Program CGRF) was granted to us by the Executive Office. In receiving this, we were able to expand our team, resources and capabilities for reaching more people in our community.

Through this funding we were able to succeed in our aim of delivering a sense of Unity – an urban cultural program to local people from different communities with focus on building community relations through Hip-hop music, dance and art. This led to a wide and diverse range of people, ages and personalities coming through our doors and getting to experience what 5th Element NI and wider hip-hop culture is all about. 

Our team and participants showed great resilience in adapting and performing against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic to deliver workshops based around the 4 elements of Hip-Hop; MCing, DJing, Breakin’, and Graffiti. Despite the restrictions on numbers a real sense of unity evolved as those involved in the project appreciated the chance to become creative, and explorative with new people and new ideas.

The current situation meant we were not able to get as many people involved as we would have liked due the restrictions. Despite this our volunteers went above and beyond to facilitate over 60 workshop sessions for 48 participants in socially distanced or often one on one scenarios.

Written & recorded over the course of the Unity Project at 5th Element NI
Written & recorded over the course of the Unity Project at 5th Element NI
Written & recorded over the course the Unity Project at 5th Element NI

Throughout the project, people were able to express themselves through the hip-hop art forms, and our feedback indicates that this has been a great help to many in what has been particularly trying times to improve both their mental and physical well-being.

Whether it has been finishing a piece of art, learning a new breakin’ move, recording their first song or getting to DJ on 5th Element NI’s resident radio station SkankFM, we were able to give those involved an experience to remember at our HQ. 

Everyone at 5th Element NI would like to extend our thanks to the Executive Office, not only for funding Unity but also for the tremendous support and advice they have been on-hand with throughout our project and Covid-19.

We’d also like to extend our gratitude to all who take part in our sessions, our facilitators, and those who donated their time and energy to make it work. All participants are always welcome at 5th Element NI and we look forward to being a part of the next stage of their personal development.

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms to keep up to date with all things 5th Element NI. We look forward to once again operating at full capacity when restrictions have lifted.

BEAT IT // Mental Health X HipHop



1-4pm – THE ELEMENTS WORKSHOPS (Free for all ages)
Free taster workshops in Breaking, DJing, MCing, and Graffiti.

6-10PM – ‘HOW HIP HOP HEALS’ (18+. Suggested donation of £5 is welcomed.)
A panel discussion around mental health and HipHop, with special guest performances showcasing creative HipHop culture.


The afternoon workshops will be free however we are asking for a small donation of £5 for the evenings ‘How Hip-Hop Heals’ session. These donations will go a long way to help us maintain our space at 5th Element NI but we will also be sharing 50% of what is received with the fantastic #33tilinfinity campaign which aims to raise £33k in memory of Michael Cullen for Community Rescue Service, Inspire and TAMHI; organisations which are involved in suicide prevention and intervention within our communities.

Cull was an exceptionally talented beat-boxer and friend and collaborator with those at 5th Element NI so we are delighted to be able to do something to help the campaigns cause with an event theme that is close to their own.

Mental health issues are having a staggering effect throughout the whole of Ireland currently and are undoubtedly being felt in every community. Let’s come together on Saturday 1st February, under the banner of peace, love, unity and having fun.

The 5th Element NI Team



Taster workshops in Breaking, MCing, DJing, & Graffiti 

  • White WallLocal DJs in rotation
    Express your creativity by adorning our walls with sketches, doodle, art pieces
  • Street Art Gallery
    Check out the stellar pieces donated by local artists
  • Live DJs all day
    DJs and vinyl in rotation all day.

EVENING 6pm – 10pm

Minimum donation of £5

  • Panel discussion
    Surrounding mental health and HipHop as an emotional outlet
  • Interviews
    with local HipHop enthusiasts and those who have been afflicted with mental health issues. Conducted by Remi
  • Live Performances
    from Northern Soles Crew, Skeet, Swall Monkey, Voodoo Chiefs, North West HipHop and more!
  • Live Music & DJs
    Performances throughout
  • Honesty Booth
    Stand up, speak out. Share your thoughts and feelings.


5th Element NI is organised by local HipHop enthusiasts, and active participants in the culture. The following outfits support our vision, volunteering their time and effort to help nurture HipHop culture and our local communities.

  • Team Elixir
    The minds and artists behind the Elixir HipHop music events
    – Check them out
  • Northern Soles Crew
    Belfast Bboy crew, who battle, perform, and teach workshops.
    –  Check them out
  • Daz of SkankFM
    Local radio presenter, HipHop artist, and producer
    – Tune in!
  • MoonDoggy Clothing Company
    Run by HipHop enthusiast and videographer Mark Brittain
    – Get fresh!

  • Local HipHop musicians, dancers, and artists.
  • Local volunteers
  • Media Representatives
  • And finally…You, the public. Come and learn with us!

5th Element NI Launch Event.


> View Facebook Event Page

5th Element NI has officially opened a HipHop Social Hub in Belfast. To celebrate the launch we are throwing a HipHop House Party on November 16th. A day dedicated to HipHop culture, music, dance and art, with live music, DJs, MCs, and dancers expressing their talents throughout.  For full details, read below.

This is a free, all ages event.

Donations to the 5th Element NI charity are welcome. 100% of proceeds go towards creative projects for our local communities.


  • Street Art Gallery
    Showcasing the immense talent of our Belfast street artists
  • Live art by local Street Artists and Graffiti Writers.
    Grab a can or graf pen and help us decorate our walls!
  • Live music by the Utropics & Guests
    Coming with that Brazilian Funk vibe as they freestyle with other elements on the day
  • Local DJs in rotation
    Spinning an endless array of HipHop, Funk, and Soul.
  • Local Bboys, Bgirls & HipHop dancers
    Live performances and workshops
  • MC Cyphers
    Catch the word play of local and national MCs as they pass the mic during freestyle sets. Open mic spots available.
  • Vinyl Record Stalls
    Dig records? Then get to record digging. Buy, sell and exchange music.
  • Workshops! Get involved!
    To be announced.
  • The HipHop cinema
    A room dedicated to HipHop cinema showing documentaries, movies and more.


5th Element NI is organised by local HipHop enthusiasts, and active participants in the culture. The following outfits support our vision, volunteering their time and effort to help nurture HipHop culture and our local communities.

  • Team Elixir
    The minds and artists behind the Elixir HipHop music events
    – Check them out
  • Northern Soles Crew
    Belfast Bboy crew, who battle, perform, and teach workshops.
    –  Check them out
  • Daz of SkankFM
    Local radio presenter, HipHop artist, and producer
    – Tune in!
  • MoonDoggy Clothing Company
    Run by HipHop enthusiast and videographer Mark Brittain
    – Get fresh!

  • Local HipHop musicians, dancers, and artists.
  • Local Record Stores
  • Local volunteers who support our charity
  • Media Representatives
  • Local MLAs
  • And finally…You, the public. Come and jam with us!

ELIXIR 8! Mc Hughs Cellar, Belfast - Friday 16th Nov

Eixir 8! Friday 16th November.

Firstly thanks to everyone who made it to Elixir #7, which featured another batch of stellar performances alongside a tightly contested open mic comp to win a slot at Elixir #8! Photoset by Roskobiwan is live now on our facebook page:



For the 8th instalment of Elixir (and also the last of 2018) we are taking over at one of Belfast's most famous pubs and it's oldest building, McHugh's Bar and Restaurant, located at 29-31 Queen's Square, Belfast, BT1 3FG

We have a heavy lineup for this one closing off 2018 in our usual style!

♫ ♪ Sebi C
A truly unique talent in the current sea of Irish MCs, Sebi C is in a class of his own. The lowkey individual & the voice behind classic duo Flying Buttresses with Naïve Ted who’s 2012 project The Orson Wells EP would be in the argument of many for the island's best hip-hop releases returned to the rhyming this year with the release of All Uselessness with Jimmy Penguin.

♫ ♪ Jimmy Penguin
Jimmy is one of the co-founders of Galway's Community Skratch collective. One of Ireland's foremost electronic musicians and skratch DJs, this original gangster has been cutting and innovating for many years. Running Alkalinear Recordings, Jimmy meshes many different styles including IDM, Electro, HipHop, Scratch Music and Techno. His unrelentless passion for making music and promoting scratch music in Ireland has marked him out as a unique and extremely driven talent.


♫ ♪ Danny Diatribe w/ DJ Cutterz & Ryan Mason
Danny Diatribe is Irish rapper Danny Lynch from Derry City in the North of Ireland, based in Manchester UK. Danny joins us on the night fresh of the release of his new album Tales From the Down & Outs. The project is a conceptual journey exploring the lives of down on their luck characters and the struggles they face. The album’s producer, DJ Cutterz, will be joining Danny for his set along with live drummer Ryan Mason.

♫ ♪ Leo Miyagee
Belfast based & London raised, Leo was the winner of a tightly contested open mic session last time out, no doubt earning his spot on the lineup for the night. In October of last year Leo Miyagee released his EP ‘Trust God, Love Yours, Do Bits In Life’ via Dublin based District recordings which was followed up with an August release of his new album Bluebird.

♫ ♪ Skeet
Belfast MC & producer Skeet is a face that may be familiar to past Elixir attendees for a strong showing alongside Durty Devz in the past. It’s a pleasure to have him on our lineup just in time to coincide with the release of his forthcoming debut album Chapter One.

We are blessed to have Irish scene veteran ERA2 from Derry popping up with a special appearance to be on host duties for the night, our always craic filled open mic will be going down & debuting DJ Boatsie is joining Militant Vinylist to kick the night off right.

For the 8th installment of Elixir (and also the last of 2018) we are taking over at one of Belfast's most famous pubs and it's oldest building, McHugh's Bar and Restaurant, located at 29-31 Queen's Square, Belfast, BT1 3FG


A Northern Soul - Documentary


The 5th Element NI team enjoyed a highly inspirational team night out recently at Queen’s Film Theatre. On 8th October as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, the QFT were showing ‘A Northern Soul’, a documentary following Steve Arnott as he struggles to balance the pressures of working life, debt and his dreams of getting mobile music workshop The Beats Bus off the ground.

Set in Hull against the backdrop of UK City of Culture in 2017, director Sean McAllister (A Syrian Love Story) returns to the city to act as curator for the festival’s opening ceremony where he meets Steve.

Over the course of the film, the positive impact Steve and his efforts have on young people, in terms of confidence, attitudes and behaviour is plain to see. Without giving too much away, viewers can expect to experience a range of emotions throughout, on what is a very emphatic capturing of working-class life.

Steve’s passion to inject positivity in his community and to improve the lives of the young people through hip-hop culture is exactly the type of thing we as 5th Element NI are trying to deliver in Belfast and beyond. Seeing Steve overcome all kinds of adversity was truly motivating for us and seeing the impact these kind of projects can deliver was very encouraging and more than justifies our existence and goals.

After the credits rolled, both Steve & Sean were on hand for an informative Q&A session and even better, our team got the chance to catch up with Steve and have a chat, share our plans with him and talk about Belfast’s hip-hop scene.

We all definitely walked away feeling like we had made a new friend, and an important role model for what we are trying to achieve. Hopefully, this will not be the last we see of Steve in Belfast.


5th Element NI at Stendhal Festival 2018

Our team were delighted to be invited to be part of the kid's program on both the
Friday and Saturday at this year's Stendhal Festival, a perfect compliment to our
partners Elixir providing a live hip-hop showcase at the event.

With workshops focused on break dancing, B-Boy's Bart, Terry, Seba, Pash and
Breakwiser were able to showcase their skills and teach the basics to an extremely
enthusiastic audience and willing pupils as the Circus Tent filled to capacity, backed
with funky rhythms from DJs Andy Hasson and Militant Vinylist.

Breakdancing is one of the four elements of hip-hop along with MCing, DJing and
Graffiti art. It is an excellent way to keep fit, teaches the discipline of one's self and
promotes both physical and mental wellbeing.

Our volunteers at 5th Element NI are excellent when it comes to working with young
people. They are friendly, approachable and really know how to get everyone
involved and feel welcome, either one to one or in groups and this was plain to see
with their work over the weekend.

Everyone involved had a great time and we hope that next Summer we can bring not
only break dancing but a more expanded workshop program to Stendhal and other
festivals across the country. If you are involved in such events or know anyone that is,
do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to get involved.

Once again thank you to all our volunteers for their time, energy and effort during the
festival, especially our cameraman Roskobiwan who was on hand to document
proceedings for us throughout.

Review: Urban Exposé @ The Foundry

Saturday 26th May saw our first official outing of 5th Element NI as it exists now, in
an all-day Hip-Hop Exposé exploring the four elements of hip-hop culture.
Held at Foundry (now The Palm House) our volunteers were on hand to deliver
workshops in breakdancing, DJing, graffiti & lyric writing to both entertain and
educate young people and their families who were in attendance.

We were blessed with good weather and the outdoor b-boy jam was a major hit, with
both members of 5th Element, local b-boys including crew members of Northern
Soles and young break dance students captivating the audience with their moves.
To the joys of the kids in attendance, and perhaps the dismay of their parents, our
good fortune outdoors also allowed for some graffiti experimentation involving cans
of spray pains and plywood boards, with creativity and self-expression the order of the
day. Portuguese artist Skillz was on hand to help them get to grips with some lessons in can

Inside, it really was amazing for us to witness how quickly veteran John King's
teaching methods were soaked in at the DJ workshop, with children as young as 5
being able to show older participants the basics of scratching before the end of the

This kind of learning truly embodies our ethos of "each one, teach one"  and indicates
that with keeping moving forward in this direction, the potential and interest is there
for us to mold the next generation of hip-hop in Belfast through the power of
knowledge and positivity.

To provide a look at the ever blossoming live hip-hop scene in the North, the evening
saw a special live performance with Belfast's Waking Android, Steve Loc & Durty
Devz being joined by the North Coast's DBMCs & Derry's North West Hip-Hop
collective for a few hours of beats and rhymes to round of an excellent day.
Special thanks to all our volunteers, attendees & participants on the day, especially
Roskobiwan for the camera work and B-Boys Pash, Seba, Oldie, Bart, Terry, Flexill,
Shadow, SamRoc and their students for really keeping the party going outside all day!



5th Element NI - Urban Exposé Event

Interested in HipHop culture?

Want to try your hand at DJing? MCing? Break Dancing or Graffiti?
Join us on May 26th at The Foundry (Bankmore Square) for a day dedicated to spreading positive HipHop culture. Learn from our team of talented performers, artists, and musicians.

Check out our event page here.


1pm - 5pm 
This is a free event to help promote our newly established charity 5th Element NI, the only HipHop charity operating in Northern Ireland. We are dedicated to empowering our youth through creative HipHop disciplines, with focus on mental and physical health awareness.

Another free event (18+) for all HipHop enthusiasts, featuring some of Northern Ireland's freshest HipHop artists. MCs & DJs from around N.I will be putting on a live showcase. Expect high energy, and non-stop head bobbing! Get your dancing shoes on!

Come & join the party on May 26th!

Upcoming Event: Elixir 6 - Feat. GASP

MAY 18th  | Voodoo Belfast
Elixir #6 featuring Gasp
Live support from DBMCS // Shane Deane // 028 // Jack Bashful
Hosted by Daz with an open mic session plus DJs Militant Vinylist & John King
£6 all night.

♫ ♪ GASP

Gasp is a name that rings major bells in the Scottish scene and rightly so. We’ve nabbed his return to Belfast at the perfect time with his new release, C**T, set to release in the next few days and his peers and collaborators have promised a stomper. Extremely creative both musically and visually, Gasp pours his heart into his art and a passionate, energetic set is guaranteed. He will have Voodoo bouncing and you never know who he might bring along for the ride.

♫ ♪ Rat Out Records – DBMC

“Back once again it’s the aw naw, f**k sake” – Representing the towns that form ‘the triangle’ we have the DMBCs. A collective from the North Coast the boys from Portrush, Portstewart and Coleraine know how to rock a crowd big time with their bass heavy tunes and bars to make you slap your mates. The Rat Out Records delegates consist of Danny Droppit, Jay Suttin, Evol MC, Ill Cast & Sammy Goodknees and are coming armed, fresh off the release of their long awaited full length album Take Your Lickins which is available below

♫ ♪ Shane Deane

North West Hip Hop general and a name familiar to everyone in our circle, Shane Deane has been hard at work on his proper solo debut release which has been produced in its entirety by Waking Android’s Kronus. The project will be nearly ready for release around this time and Shane’s excited to let us hear what he has been working on. Expect on stage cameos from a few regulars in what is set to be a high octane performance.

♫ ♪ 028

While remaining relatively quiet on the release side of things, 028 group that have been putting in work on the live circuit for several years. The collective make their long overdue Elixir debut represented on the night by city scene mainstays Mindesigns, Eil Ton, & Donica.

♫ ♪ Jack Bashful

One of the most exciting prospects the island has to offer, Jack Bashful oozes effortlessness. His slick, witty style translates excellently to stage or on record and he will be delivering his new debut project to us on the night – Fictional Clientele.

We will be joined by Skankfm boss Daz on hosting duties, also supplying us with a few tunes from his vast catalogue while kicking off proceedings we have our ever present DJ Militant Vinylist (also on flyer duty) and another one of our regulars back for another go in the form of John King.

As always MCs from all over will have the chance to impress during our open mic session

All that for only £6 all night …. Come on!!!