BBoy YNot, real name Anthony Denaro, is a bboy and multidisciplinary artist from the New Jersey,
United States. His journey in hip hop has taken him all around the world, earning him the position of
Senior Vice-President within the legendary Rock Steady Crew.

YNot’s approach to hip hop is multifaceted, working in design, music, architecture, and of course,
dance. Within bboying, his style is often imitated, but never duplicated. This is particularly true in
regards to toprocking, within which he is considered a pioneer. His musicality and attention to
detail, as well as incorporation of different styles of dance up top, have made him one of the most
influential bboys of his generation.

In 2020, YNot is still active in breaking and the wider hip hop scene. He is located in Arizona, where he
continues to teach and pursue his wider artistic and academic interests.