ELIXIR 8! Mc Hughs Cellar, Belfast - Friday 16th Nov

Eixir 8! Friday 16th November.

Firstly thanks to everyone who made it to Elixir #7, which featured another batch of stellar performances alongside a tightly contested open mic comp to win a slot at Elixir #8! Photoset by Roskobiwan is live now on our facebook page:



For the 8th instalment of Elixir (and also the last of 2018) we are taking over at one of Belfast's most famous pubs and it's oldest building, McHugh's Bar and Restaurant, located at 29-31 Queen's Square, Belfast, BT1 3FG

We have a heavy lineup for this one closing off 2018 in our usual style!

♫ ♪ Sebi C
A truly unique talent in the current sea of Irish MCs, Sebi C is in a class of his own. The lowkey individual & the voice behind classic duo Flying Buttresses with Naïve Ted who’s 2012 project The Orson Wells EP would be in the argument of many for the island's best hip-hop releases returned to the rhyming this year with the release of All Uselessness with Jimmy Penguin.

♫ ♪ Jimmy Penguin
Jimmy is one of the co-founders of Galway's Community Skratch collective. One of Ireland's foremost electronic musicians and skratch DJs, this original gangster has been cutting and innovating for many years. Running Alkalinear Recordings, Jimmy meshes many different styles including IDM, Electro, HipHop, Scratch Music and Techno. His unrelentless passion for making music and promoting scratch music in Ireland has marked him out as a unique and extremely driven talent.


♫ ♪ Danny Diatribe w/ DJ Cutterz & Ryan Mason
Danny Diatribe is Irish rapper Danny Lynch from Derry City in the North of Ireland, based in Manchester UK. Danny joins us on the night fresh of the release of his new album Tales From the Down & Outs. The project is a conceptual journey exploring the lives of down on their luck characters and the struggles they face. The album’s producer, DJ Cutterz, will be joining Danny for his set along with live drummer Ryan Mason.

♫ ♪ Leo Miyagee
Belfast based & London raised, Leo was the winner of a tightly contested open mic session last time out, no doubt earning his spot on the lineup for the night. In October of last year Leo Miyagee released his EP ‘Trust God, Love Yours, Do Bits In Life’ via Dublin based District recordings which was followed up with an August release of his new album Bluebird.

♫ ♪ Skeet
Belfast MC & producer Skeet is a face that may be familiar to past Elixir attendees for a strong showing alongside Durty Devz in the past. It’s a pleasure to have him on our lineup just in time to coincide with the release of his forthcoming debut album Chapter One.

We are blessed to have Irish scene veteran ERA2 from Derry popping up with a special appearance to be on host duties for the night, our always craic filled open mic will be going down & debuting DJ Boatsie is joining Militant Vinylist to kick the night off right.


For the 8th installment of Elixir (and also the last of 2018) we are taking over at one of Belfast's most famous pubs and it's oldest building, McHugh's Bar and Restaurant, located at 29-31 Queen's Square, Belfast, BT1 3FG


5th Element NI at Stendhal Festival 2018

Our team were delighted to be invited to be part of the kid's program on both the
Friday and Saturday at this year's Stendhal Festival, a perfect compliment to our
partners Elixir providing a live hip-hop showcase at the event.

With workshops focused on break dancing, B-Boy's Bart, Terry, Seba, Pash and
Breakwiser were able to showcase their skills and teach the basics to an extremely
enthusiastic audience and willing pupils as the Circus Tent filled to capacity, backed
with funky rhythms from DJs Andy Hasson and Militant Vinylist.

Breakdancing is one of the four elements of hip-hop along with MCing, DJing and
Graffiti art. It is an excellent way to keep fit, teaches the discipline of one's self and
promotes both physical and mental wellbeing.

Our volunteers at 5th Element NI are excellent when it comes to working with young
people. They are friendly, approachable and really know how to get everyone
involved and feel welcome, either one to one or in groups and this was plain to see
with their work over the weekend.

Everyone involved had a great time and we hope that next Summer we can bring not
only break dancing but a more expanded workshop program to Stendhal and other
festivals across the country. If you are involved in such events or know anyone that is,
do not hesitate to get in touch as we would love to get involved.

Once again thank you to all our volunteers for their time, energy and effort during the
festival, especially our cameraman Roskobiwan who was on hand to document
proceedings for us throughout.

Review: Urban Exposé @ The Foundry

Saturday 26th May saw our first official outing of 5th Element NI as it exists now, in
an all-day Hip-Hop Exposé exploring the four elements of hip-hop culture.
Held at Foundry (now The Palm House) our volunteers were on hand to deliver
workshops in breakdancing, DJing, graffiti & lyric writing to both entertain and
educate young people and their families who were in attendance.

We were blessed with good weather and the outdoor b-boy jam was a major hit, with
both members of 5th Element, local b-boys including crew members of Northern
Soles and young break dance students captivating the audience with their moves.
To the joys of the kids in attendance, and perhaps the dismay of their parents, our
good fortune outdoors also allowed for some graffiti experimentation involving cans
of spray pains and plywood boards, with creativity and self-expression the order of the
day. Portuguese artist Skillz was on hand to help them get to grips with some lessons in can

Inside, it really was amazing for us to witness how quickly veteran John King's
teaching methods were soaked in at the DJ workshop, with children as young as 5
being able to show older participants the basics of scratching before the end of the

This kind of learning truly embodies our ethos of "each one, teach one"  and indicates
that with keeping moving forward in this direction, the potential and interest is there
for us to mold the next generation of hip-hop in Belfast through the power of
knowledge and positivity.

To provide a look at the ever blossoming live hip-hop scene in the North, the evening
saw a special live performance with Belfast's Waking Android, Steve Loc & Durty
Devz being joined by the North Coast's DBMCs & Derry's North West Hip-Hop
collective for a few hours of beats and rhymes to round of an excellent day.
Special thanks to all our volunteers, attendees & participants on the day, especially
Roskobiwan for the camera work and B-Boys Pash, Seba, Oldie, Bart, Terry, Flexill,
Shadow, SamRoc and their students for really keeping the party going outside all day!