Terry is currently a community worker with over 10 years experience working around the world with disadvantaged youth and vulnerable adults, creating projects for personal development and mental health awareness.


Paul Ashford heads up the dance element of 5th Element NI and is a founding member of Northern Soles Crew (NSC). Paul has been involved in the Belfast Hip Hop scene for many years, running Bboy eventsteaching workshops, performing and battling at events across Europe. Paul started 5th Element NI alongside Terry, providing design and brand direction. He also manages the dance facility within 5th Element HQ.



An accomplished solo artist under the name ‘Dsgrace’, and a member of local duo ‘Waking Android’, David has played gigs and festivals all over Ireland and mainland UK. Being keen to push and promote artists throughout the country he linked up with Andy Hasson to begin their quarterly live hip-hop showcase, Elixir, in 2017. This has proven to be a great success in bringing big overseas names to Belfast (Jehst, Strange U, Physiks & Shogun to name a few) while also shining a light on the huge range of talent from Ireland, old and new.

With this acquired knowledge and appreciation for Hip-Hop, David is keen to introduce more to the culture, and spreading positivity to newer generations.


Originally from Portrush, Andy cut his musical teeth in the Irish punk and rock scenes of the early 2000s and transferred the same DIY ethics into promoting Hip-Hop artists in 2006. One of the founding members of North-Coast collective Antidote Sound System, this guitarist, DJ, and producer has been working on various musical projects throughout Ireland ever since.

Much of Andy’s recent work is driven by the advancement of Hip-Hop culture in Belfast and throughout Ireland. He recently graduated from the University of Ulster at Magee with a masters in music specialising in Hip-Hop music production and the use of Hip-Hop music and culture in community outreach.

Last year he teamed up with Belfast Hip-Hop artist David ‘Dsgrace’ Gilmore, to create Elixir a quarterly Hip-Hop showcase held in Belfast. The pair capped off a successful first year in joining 5th Element NI  as project co-ordinators.


Northern Soles Cru (NSC) formed in July 2012. They are a Belfast based Bboy crew who have been battling, teaching, and performing for many years as individuals and as a crew. They are responsible for keeping breaking alive in Belfast, having taught countless workshops to various youth groups across Ireland. They were the in-house crew for T13 Events, ran Cypher Sessions, organised many local and national jams, and now support 5th Element NI in their efforts to promote Hip Hop culture. Workshop info available upon request.


Skank fm is an online radio station broadcasting 24/7, operating out of 5th Element NI HQ.The station was formed in 2010 by Daz & DJ DK (K-kru DJs).  The station includes live shows during the evening times hosted by local DJ’s, artist and musicians each doing sets playing a promoting music they love. If you can’t catch a live show then a playlist of music is sure to please, hand selected by each individual DJ at the studio. With this acquired knowledge and appreciation for Hip-Hop, David is keen to introduce more to the culture, and spreading positivity to newer generations.


In 1998 ​an idea for an urban clothing brand grew in the mind of a 14 year old boy in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Inspiration came from various underground street cultures including Hip Hop, Graffiti, Skateboarding and other extreme sports. Combining these influences formed the attitude and aesthetic of the brand.

MoonDoggys Clothing is proud to be immersed in the lifestyle of underground urban cultures, staying true to the core values of our influences to deliver high quality, authentic street style apparel.