Charity Number: 103695

5th Element NI is a Hip-Hop based charity working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our team, comprised of musicians, lyricists, dancers, and artists, is dedicated to delivering creative projects that engage our communities. Our social outreach projects introduce people to various Hip-Hop artforms, covering street art, dance, lyricism & MCing, DJing & music production.


Hip-Hop is more than just entertainment. It is a passionate culture that preaches positivity and self-growth, expressed through its various disciplines. The inclusive nature of Hip-Hop has allowed it to spread across the globe, adopted by all nationalities, colours, and creeds. More and more Hip-Hop initiatives being developed to help inspire disadvantaged youths in various cities.


Our team is dedicated to providing the following…

  • social outreach projects, working with different groups in our city.
  • cross-community initiatives that promote inclusivity.
  • creative arts projects covering the 4 elements of Hip-Hop culture.
  • giving communities exposure to positive Hip-Hop culture.
  • the passing on of transferable skills, and disciplines.
  • encouraging creativity, self-expression, and positive lifestyle choices.


MCing (Lyricism, RAP – Rhythm and Poetry)

We offer workshops covering the art of MCing, it’s history and evolution. Our participants learn how to write lyrics, structure a rhyme scheme and how to rhyme over rhythm. This is an interactive workshop encouraging everybody to develop their own lyrics.


  • Improves confidence and vocal expression.
  • Develops an appreciation for poetry and lyricism.
  • Offers an insight into how professionals structure & create their art.
  • Provides transferrable skills to other subjects
  • Participants have the means to develop their own projects outside of the workshop.


DJing (Turntablism, Scratching, Music Production)

Our DJ workshops explore the skills involved in mixing, cutting, scratching, and looping. Learn the history of DJing and its origins in Hip-Hop. We cover music production with our participants as they learn the skills required to develop full tracks.


  • Improves musical understanding
  • Develops focus and skills
  • Learn about musical composition and structure.
  • Offers an insight into how professionals structure & create their art.
  • Participants have the means to develop their own projects outside of the workshop.


B-Boying (Break Dancing)

B-Boying, also known as Break Dance, covers the physical element of Hip-Hop. B-Boying introduces participants to this explosive dance form as we explore movement, rhythm, strength, and balance. We focus on self-expression through movement, building character, mental strength & confidence. Our workshops are challenging yet fun, and accessible to all ages and abilities.


  • Build strength, agility and physical fitness.
  • Self-expression through movement.
  • Encourages participants to overcome challenges.
  • Build lasting bonds with other participants.
  • Learn about rhythm and flow.


Street Art (Graffiti, Urban Art, Illustration)

Street Art, more commonly referred to as Graffiti, has a long history in Hip-Hop. What started as a form of self-expression in the late 70s has become a recognised art style, appreciated for its style and flow. Larger than life characters adorn public spaces, adding colour and vibrancy to the world. Our workshops cover the different styles of street art, with an introduction to colour, shapes, lettering, and design. Participants will have the opportunity to design and create their own large-scale pieces.


  • Improve artistic abilities.
  • Explore new art styles and methods.
  • Learn about visual composition and framing.
  • Design, and create visually impressive artwork.
  • Participants can easily continue practising this art form in their own time.