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Meet the Team

We are a team of volunteers, artists, dancers, lyricists and musicians.

many hands make light work

A brief history

5th Element NI was founded by Terry Conlon and Paul Ashford in 2018.  The idea was to set up a charity organisation to promote HipHop culture as an alternative means to creativity and self expression. The first step was to unite the HipHop elements in Belfast. ​5th Element NI brought together some of the most influential names in Belfast's HipHop scene, launched a 'HipHop Hub' and the rest is history.

Since its inception 5th Element has grown from strength to strength, as a result of the incredible people who have dedicated their time to support its vision. As a result we have entertained, taught, and inspired 1000s of people with music, dance & art through community engagement projects, events, and workshops, as well as supporting a ton of local creatives.

resident projects

At 5th Element NI we also run our own in house projects.
More info coming soon.



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Established in 2010, Skank FM is a 24/7 online radio station featuring live evening shows and curated playlists across various genres, fostering a diverse musical community and supporting local and underground scenes.

SkankFM actively promotes emerging talent, providing opportunities for Irish artists through various platforms. In late 2019, Skank FM partnered with 5th Element Charity, emphasising its commitment to supporting individuals from all backgrounds in embracing and creating quality music.


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Plan B is a series of private fundraiser events run by Aidy McLaughlin. Plan B showcases some of the best local talent from Belfast's underground electronic dance music scene. These events not only pay tribute to the influential DJs and producers who have made a mark on the region but also inspire new talent, while growing a community of veteran party goers. 
Esteemed artists like David Anderson (RIP), Timmy Stewart, Jonny McAllister, Ramie Burns, Simon Sheldon, David Holmes, and Iain McCready lend their support to the 5th Element NI project, recognising its importance in nurturing grassroots creativity. 

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Northern Soles Crew (NSC) is a long standing Bboy crew based in Belfast. Following on from their predecessors, the Belfast City Breakers, NSC continues to fly the flag for HipHop culture and the art of breakin’ in Belfast and across Ireland. From running international Bboy events, to performing, teaching, and battling across Europe, to starting launching 5th Element NI, and now sitting on the committee of the Irish Olympic Breaking Team, NSC are endlessly proactive when it comes to pushing the scene forward.
They embrace the mantra of ‘Each one, teach one’ and continue to engage the younger generations that follow, hoping to instil the same values that HipHop has offered them.

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more artist profiles coming soon

We hope to update our website with more artist profiles, services, and even merch.

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